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Content Analysis

Content present your website is a major deciding factor whether a user visit is going to translate into business or not. Gone are the days when advertisements, posters and banners used to draw the attention of people towards a particular business or product. Today, people look for content that is more informational and helps them to make an intelligent decision. Hence, any content whether it is on your website, in news articles, press releases, your blogs or social media pages must be consistent, organized and clear to draw the traffic.

Technically, content analysis can be defined as a general set of techniques and procedures useful for analyzing and understanding a given collection of text. Content analysis is also an essential part of search engine optimization and reputation management. Positive and correct content about your business and organization not only helps in business promotion but also creates a positive brand image in the market.

Broadway SEO Infotech understands your need of content analysis services and offers highly effective and efficient services to evaluate, and report the errors and improvements required to make your content impressive. For content analysis, we require two different types of tools-one to find the content and the other to analyze the content. We extract content about your website and business from various sources like Search Engine pages, Social Media pages, Blogs, Emails from users and others to analyze it. The next step includes analysis of the data or content received. The whole process may be simple or complex. If there is a small set with few articles to code, it can be done manually using a word processor, spread sheet or small database. However for larger projects, we recommend you to invest in coding tool. The tools return the common errors in the content.

The expert team of Broadway SEO Infotech has years of experience in content analysis and points out the errors that should be rectified to improve your impact on the target audience. When it comes to the content of your website, they pay attention to every detail like heading, type of font and color used, level of information provided etc. to ensure that your website is visited frequently by the users. The right keywords that should be included in the content for search engine optimization are also suggested by our experts. Hence, for a hassle free and cost effective and prompt content analysis services, you can rely on Broadway SEO Infotech. We are your partners in your business development and growth. Content analysis is a widely implemented research technique that can help you accomplish your desired business goals.

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I was a bit hesitant at first because I am in USA and Broadway SEO Infotech India based company, but Ravi quickly dispersed any doubt I had. Ravi and his team were quick, courteous and very efficient.

Mr. Jordino

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